An active
and collaborative model

After 2 years in a Montessori school, we wanted Eva to continue to evolve in a model of active and collaborative education. With L'Autre École, not only does she continue to progress, but more importantly, she becomes a better person every day''.

Eva's mother

Develop creativity and self-confidence

Since our return to the US, L'Autre École has been helping my children to grow in a bilingual environment every day. They have confidence in themselves, develop their creativity and social-emotional skills while progressing joyfully in the core subjects''.

Jean-Noël, Dad from
Maxence and Diane

Suitable for all singularities

''My daughter Pauline has been identified as an Intellectually Precocious Child. L'Autre École offered her an adapted and stimulating accompaniment, listening to her singularities and we are reassured to see her evolve in a benevolent environment that allows her to progress serenely''.

Constance, mom
of Pauline, 6 years old

And very concretely

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