L'Autre École for
a better world

want to get involved in life

The Other School's ambition is to allow each child to become himself or herself. We have imagined an Other School because we believe that academic excellence alone is insufficient to prepare children for the world of tomorrow.

In a changing world, we believe that knowing how to adapt and how to get involved in causes that are important to us contributes to happiness. Also, combining pleasure and knowledge, giving a taste for sharing and the pleasure of living together are essential conditions for creating the committed actors of tomorrow.

Finally, we believe that intelligence is multiple, cognitive, social and emotional, and that developing this potential is a determining factor in the overall construction of the individual. L'Autre École offers a caring environment that respects differences in order to bring out the best in everyone.

A world seeking for meaning

L'Autre École was born out of a look at the world in search of meaning that is our world today, a world that is not going well and that could get better if we started to rethink education.

This world is moving fast. In fact, it has never changed as fast as it has in the last 70 years. And yet educational models are not changing, or not changing enough. Schools cannot solve everything, but they must be nourished by societal changes in order to meet the needs of the times.
Our world is built, in part, around myths and stories that our level of knowledge now allows us to look at with lucidity, and even to deconstruct.

Accepting that at least some of the inconsistencies and misunderstandings that shake contemporary humanity as a result of such conditioning means putting education at the heart of our society, making school the solution to transmit the feeling of belonging to the same human community of destiny.

Another school seems therefore necessary, and therefore possible. A school whose ambition would be to give everyone the keys to become an individual sensitive to living well together and responsible for his or her impact on the environment, fitting into the human community as well as possible.

What we are
convinced of

Liberate rather than formatting

The school should aim to unleash the potential and uniqueness of each child, not to fit them into a box.

Prepare for tomorrow's world

Today's children can contribute to the ongoing societal transition. In a changing world, we must learn to adapt and develop the key competencies of tomorrow's world: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration.

Constantly rethink the educational model

In order to fulfil its mission, an educational model must be able to evolve to keep pace with the needs and progress of the times. Tomorrow's school must be intelligent, agile and forward-looking.

To foster Autonomy

The child shows a desire for autonomy from a very young age. When placed in a rich and caring environment, this desire becomes a source of creativity and personal growth.

Recreating social ties

The school must fully play its role of civic and moral instruction. It is a matter of inculcating a system of values, particularly through solidarity and a taste for sharing.

Creating the conditions for good learning and well-being

The role of the school is to create a caring and joyful environment that respects difference to bring out the best in everyone.

Redefining the boundary between school and home

We integrate parents into the pedagogical system of L'Autre École to create a close link between school and home, two spaces for learning and development that we consider complementary.

Many sources
of inspiration

L'Autre École sets its pedagogical framework in contact with a multidisciplinary college of experts composed of teachers, pedagogues, neuroscience researchers, child psychiatrists, philosophers and parents. These sources of knowledge and inspiration nourish the educational line and the diversity of teaching in an evolutionary way, to take into account advances in research, but also feedback from students, parents and the community of teachers and carers.  

The teaching implemented at L'Autre École is thus based in particular on the breadth of old and new knowledge, with particular attention paid to positive and alternative pedagogies centered on the child(Montessori, Freinet, Steiner).

Our pedagogical committee

Another school is possible

Another school is thus possible, which would have the ambition to give everyone the keys to become an individual who is both happy and responsible for his or her environment, fitting into the human community as well as possible. A school that would invite us to meet others, where everything would become possible, so that our children could embody "the change we want to see in this world".