For Parents

Education is everyone's business. Therefore, in order to mobilize all those involved in education, we offer evening training for parents and educators in the broadest sense. These educational workshops allow them to become familiar with the practices of positive education and personal development.
They are an opportunity to enhance transmission and to offer children the pleasure of seeing adults learning in the same premises as them.

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Positive discipline with Denise Dampierre

Parent Workshop

Wednesday evenings from 8 to 10 pm - dates to come

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Wednesday evenings from 8pm to 10pm at L'Autre École Boulogne.

240€ per person.
380€ per couple.

About the workshop

Workshops led by Denise Dampierre, positive discipline trainer, mother of 4 boys and blogger on

Less stress:

- Engaging children in family well-being
- Eliminating power struggles
- Creating soothing routines
- Alleviating sibling rivalries

More joy:

- Setting up dialogue in the family
- Developing mutual respect and collaboration
- Expressing love
- Growing together

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