L'Autre École Marseille

Beautiful Minds Marseille


L'Autre École is setting up in Marseille, in partnership with Synergie Family and Epopée. The opening of a primary school is planned for the start of the 2022-2023 school year, but AfterSchool workshops will be offered from the start of the 2021 school year.


Thanks to the partnership with Synergie Family and l'Épopée, the children will benefit from the activities of the Synergie Family theatre company, innovations from the EdTech incubation space for education, initiatives carried out with young people from the neighbourhood and civic associations, the future recording studio open to young people from the neighbourhood and local radio stations, sports areas, the space dedicated to e-sports with MCES, the training centre dedicated to soft skills, and partnerships with research laboratories.


The school will offer a privileged place to live for its pupils, combining an educational garden, spaces that encourage collaboration and intergenerational relations thanks to the reception of a wide range of people: young people, animators, students, entrepreneurs, associations, EdTech players, etc. It will therefore be a space for the development of the talents of all children.


Parents are welcomed every morning at 8.30 am with their children and are encouraged to meet and network during evening workshops and certain weekends, depending on Epopée's programme.


Education does not stop at the end of the school day. This is why L'Autre École and Synergie Family offer a complete After School programme. The children take part in an activity every day of the week (theatre, cooking, music, sports, etc.) in a programme designed to encourage emotional and physical expression, artistic sensitivity and openness to the world.


"It takes a whole village to raise a child."


- African proverb.

The educational team

The recruitment of our team is currently being finalised; we pay particular attention to recruiting based on criteria of know-how and interpersonal skills. Recruiting passionate people, with the desire to innovate, Who want to reveal the inner talents of children and to accompany them in their development.

Experience in the educational process is at the heart of our vision and we ensure recruiting a professional team that shares this vision by giving importance to emotions, imagination and creativity and believing in the importance of play in the learning process.

By joining us, they commit themselves on a daily basis to bring this other vision of school to life.

Direction and animation

Our team is (really) looking after your children.


We wish to offer you more than just a regular canteen. We believe that the meal is a convivial moment to be shared by all: teachers and children, come together to experience this special moment together. This is important for our school: as we wish this moment to be an important occasion in their daily life and we want this meal to be a key moment in the children's day.

Organic, local and diversified

Healthy and environmentally friendly school catering

L'Autre École l'Epopée Marseille in collaboration with Meet my Mama and is creating a meaningful and sustainable project.

L'Autre École l'Epopée Marseille in collaboration with Meet my Mama is creating a meaningful and sustainable project. The Mamas cook on a small scale, using only eco-responsible packaging and committing to a 0 waste policy to reduce their carbon footprint. All dishes are made by our Mamas respecting the recipes they have inherited! Meet My Mama displays the culinary talents of women from all over the world, from all walks of life, all ages and all social backgrounds, passionate about cooking and driven by the desire to pass on these traditions and make a living from their skills and knowledge. Through the organisation of authentic, home-made Culinary Travels, Meet My Mama reinvents the codes of catering services and immerses its customers in unique, tasty and memorable experiences from around the world. Its hybrid model, combining a catering service from all around the world and an association, “Empower My Mama”, allows it to accompany, inspire, support and encourage these women to become entrepreneurs and actors in a society that will soon be more inclusive, sustainable and responsible.

Info & access

Telephone: 06 63 30 86 58