L'Autre École Courbevoie Molière

Beautiful Minds Courbevoie Molière


L'Autre École Courbevoie Molière will open its doors at the beginning of the 2021 school year, with the ambition of providing an education that values the uniqueness and potential of all children, by opening up the field of possibilities to them as much as possible. 


In accordance with the 6 pillars that form the basis of the group's pedagogical promise, Courbevoie Molière also responds to L'Autre École's desire to pluralize its pedagogical approaches. It is a school that respects the thinking of Maria Montessori, benefits from Montessori expertise and the desire to accompany the children of the current Beautiful Minds teams. 


The school will have all the Montessori materials required for the elementary school. The team will be made up of Montessori educators, who are eager to constantly improve their practice for the sake of their personal development and the well-being of the children.

Like all the group's schools, L'Autre École Molière will offer a bilingual environment in total immersion, with two languages (French/English) available to the children on a daily basis. It will also be included in the official Eco-School program.


Two classes for children aged 6 to 9 will be open at the start of the 2021 school year. A class for 9 to 11 year olds is planned for the start of the 2022 school year.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."

- African proverb.

The educational team

The recruitment of our team is currently being finalised; we pay particular attention to recruiting based on criteria of know-how and interpersonal skills. Recruiting passionate people, with the desire to innovate, Who want to reveal the inner talents of children and to accompany them in their development. 

Experience in the educational process is at the heart of our vision and we ensure recruiting a professional team that shares this vision by giving importance to emotions, imagination and creativity and believing in the importance of play in the learning process.

By joining us, they commit themselves on a daily basis to bring this other vision of school to life.

Direction and animation

Our team is (really) looking after your children.


We wish to offer you more than just a regular canteen. We believe that the meal is a convivial moment to be shared by all: teachers and children, come together to experience this special moment together. This is important for our school: as we wish this moment to be an important occasion in their daily life and we want this meal to be a key moment in the children's day.

Organic, local and diversified

Healthy and environmentally friendly school catering

L'Autre École Courbevoie Molière calls on Marmites Volantes and is committed, with this partner, to a meaningful project for the ecological transition.

Meals are brought by cargo bike, the supply is based only on short circuits and organic farming, the cuisine offered is a "market" cuisine that respects seasons and promotes a balanced diet on a daily basis with vegetarian options. Les Marmites Volantes is also socially committed, hiring at the end of the integration process, promoting internal promotion and supporting the training of their teams, while offering working hours that allow for a high quality of personal life. We are committed to limiting waste and reducing food waste. The containers are reusable gastronorm bins, made of washable stainless steel, and the weight of the portions is adapted as closely as possible to the children's appetite.

Info & access

L'Autre École Courbevoie Molière is located near Paris:
10-12 rue Molière
92400 Courbevoie
Telephone: 06 63 30 86 58


Transilien Line L Courbevoie station
Metro 1 : Esplanade de la défense

(6-8 minutes walk)


93 Centre Hospitalier
163/164 Ile de la Jatte
175/176 Paul Doumer


10 minutes drive from Paris

Porte Maillot
A86 / A14