L'Autre École Boulogne

Beautiful Minds Boulogne


L'Autre École de Boulogne opened its doors in 2018 and will make its fourth entrance in September 2021. It currently has three classes of 24 students, with two teachers per class: a French teacher and a native English-speaking teacher.
Each child is cared for from the first section to CM2, with a re-enrolment rate of 95%.

The school is located in the heart of Boulogne-Billancourt, halfway between the Jean Jaurès and Marcel Sembat metro stations, a stone's throw from the town hall and the Espace Landowski. It is a special place for children, combining a 250 square metre educational garden, spaces that encourage collaboration and exchange, and Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired architecture that provides natural light in all classrooms.

Parents are welcomed every morning at 8.30 am with their children and are encouraged to meet and network during Parents' Workshops in the evenings and at weekends.

Education does not stop at the end of the class. That's why L'Autre École has built a completebilingual AfterSchool program. Children practice an activity each day of the week (theatre, cooking, meditation, yoga, music, sports, etc.) in a program designed to encourage emotional and physical expression, artistic sensitivity and openness to the world. These extra-curricular activities are also open to families from outside L'Autre École to allow them to discover our pedagogy and our school.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."

- African proverb.

The educational team

Our teachers are superheroes. We have carefully recruited them for their profiles and life paths. By joining us, they commit themselves daily to a different vision of the school.

Direction and animation

Our team is (really) looking after your children.


We wish to offer you more than just a regular canteen. We believe that the meal is a convivial moment to be shared by all: teachers, children big and small, come together to experience this special moment together. This is important for our school: as we wish to be a place of education that is also a place of life, we want this meal to be a key moment in the children's day.

Organic, local and diversified

Healthy and environmentally friendly school catering

L'Autre École Boulogne calls on Flying Pots and is committed, with this partner, to a meaningful project for the ecological transition.

Meals are brought by cargo bike, the supply is based only on short circuits and organic farming, the cuisine offered is a "market" cuisine that respects the seasons and promotes a balanced diet on a daily basis with vegetarian options. Les Marmites Volantes is also socially committed, hiring at the end of the integration process, promoting internal promotion and supporting the training of their teams, while offering working hours that allow for a high quality of personal life. We are committed to limiting waste and reducing food waste. The containers are reusable gastronorm bins, made of washable stainless steel, and the weight of the portions is adapted as closely as possible to the children's appetite.

Info & access

L'Autre École Boulogne Billancourt is located near Paris :

175 rue d'Aguesseau
92100 Boulogne Billancourt
Telephone: 09 86 25 63 27


Line 9 Marcel Sembat
Line 10 Boulogne Jean Jaurès


SUBB Gallieni Billancourt / Pyramid
126 Hotel de Ville de Boulogne
175 Hotel de Ville de Boulogne
72 Route de la Reine - Jean Jaurès

Vélib station:

21005 Morizet
21017 Republique 1


5 minutes by car from Paris Porte de Saint-Cloud