School life

Gardening Project

After two months of confinement, L'Autre École's vegetable garden and garden needed a makeover!

Gardening Project

The students weeded, turned over the soil and started planting herbs, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, salads and flowers.

Real budding gardeners!

The students will be able to see the plants, fruits and flowers growing from week to week and will also have to take care of them and water them. This activity helps to raise their awareness of environmental issues and make them responsible.

After confinement, being outdoors is especially good for children!


Tips to help children believe in themselves

Mélanie Mervoyer, Director at L'Autre École de Boulogne had the opportunity to share her advice in Version Femina!

Femina version

Unique(s), what if the key to tomorrow's world was us?

"In our schools, we have forgotten to train citizens, which the countries of the North have done by allowing children to express their creativity to a greater extent.

Welcome to the jungle

"Innovating to develop an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age

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