L'Autre École on the Grains of Orientation Podcast

Listen to Lionel's ITW on the podcast that focuses on educational and career guidance. An exchange that goes back over the beginnings and the genealogy of the project.

Oriental seed
L'Autre École on the Grains of Orientation Podcast

This episode is available on all podcast listening platforms, including iTunes, Acast, Soundcloud, Spotify and Eeko. A small warning to sensitive ears: this recording was made within The Other School itself. As you can imagine, this is a space full of life... and noise.

You can also find some excerpts below (in silent mode this time).

"I thought changing the world was about politics."

As a precocious child, Lionel adapts well to the school system but gets bored. With hindsight, he realizes that while he was able to meet the expectations of the teachers, he already felt the need to give meaning to his learning. As he shares: "School could have brought me more, like developing my creativity, my sensitivity... helping me to find my uniqueness".

A graduate of Paris-Dauphine and Sciences Po, Lionel will first take the traditional paths to try to bring about the change in society that is so important to him. "I thought that the general interest and that changing the world was through politics"; a disappointed hope, which will not divert him from his primary quest.

"I never had any doubts that this was the right way."

But then, where did this crazy idea to (re)invent the school come from?

Lionel obviously draws on all his past professional experience. Above all, he draws inspiration from his many trips made alone, in backpacks. With the firm intention of changing the thinking mechanisms that underlie our current and future problems. Lionel notes that school has changed little. But to prepare for tomorrow's society, we must reinvent our relationship with others and society. And therefore prepare children for it.

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