Superhero School by My Little KIDS

Find Lionel Sayag's interview with the teams of My Little KIDS. He talks about this school with its innovative pegadogy, for the youngest as well as the oldest.

My Little Kids
Superhero School by My Little KIDS

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The other day, between two toboggan rides, we heard about a strange school. It would make you want to learn with your fingers, your head and your heart. It would also give lessons to parents in the evenings. And we would even squat her during the holidays. This school, it exists for real. It's called L'Autre Ecole, she put her pencils down in Boulogne, and we put the hook on her dad, Lionel.

Lionel, he's got classes full of superheroes and superheroes. Don't worry, they are normal children, except that the teachers have a very specific mission: to make the school look like a forum, a village square where people exchange advice and knowledge and have a good time. All this, with the aim of revealing each person's potential. All of this is done by following the national education programme and adapting learning methods. Entirely bilingual and above all completely benevolent, it's a bit like the school of kiff. We would have loved to hang our schoolbag there. That's good, there are also evening classes for parents. Get your notebooks out!


The Other School finally arrives in Marseille

Le Bonbon Marseille announces the opening of our school in the Sainte Marthe district, an inclusive project to offer everyone the education of all possibilities.

Le Bonbon Marseille

L'Autre École moves to L'Épopée in Marseille for the start of the 2021 school year

The online media Gomet' dedicates an article to the project of setting up L'Autre École in Marseille with its partner Synergie Family.


Well-being in the classroom podcast: A school where well-being is a central concern

On the occasion of a series of audio podcasts about innovative pedagogies focused on the well-being of the child, Lionel Sayag presents the project L'Autre École and his vision of an education designed to reveal the full potential of both students and teachers.