The success of non-contractual schools

Lionel Sayag returns to SMART EDUCATION on B Smart TV on 29 November 2021.

The success of non-contractual schools

With more than 85,000 pupils enrolled, public schools outside the contractual framework are becoming increasingly popular in France.

Many parents are therefore interested in these establishments, but wonder about their operation, results and seriousness.

The aim of L'Autre École is to demonstrate that it is possible, by following the same curriculum as traditional schools, to further develop children's social-emotional skills, bilingualism and personal growth to enable them to become engaged actors in the world of tomorrow.

"How do you explain this craze for non-contractual schools?

The central point is the gap between the needs of society and what traditional education can provide. All the key skills needed today to enter the world of work are more fully developed in these non-contractual schools thanks to the personalisation of teaching.

"Do you face any form of control from the state?

Fortunately, there is state control of non-contract schools. In our schools, we follow the National Education Core Curriculum and are subject to inspection. We are also regulated when we open a new structure.

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Lionel Sayag - Founder of the L'Autre Écolenetwork

Thomas Jallaud - Director of Faber


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