The LIBSCO exhibition

A look back at the Educational Freedom Fair, which we were lucky enough to attend in October 2021.

L'Autre École
The LIBSCO exhibition

The Fondation pour l'école, which is recognised as a public utility and has been committed to improving the education of all children since 2008, has organised a new edition of LIBSCO in October 2021.

Many workshops were presented to the participants:
-choosing the right school for your child,
-the Singapore method,
-teaching English in primary school,
-the jean-qui-rit pedagogy,

We also had the opportunity to attend a round table on the theme of freedom of innovation in education, a subject at the heart of our pedagogy.

Finally, the fair ended with a debate on teacher training, an essential subject for L'Autre École which is also working on the creation of a training institute for all education professionals, educators and parents.

We invite you to watch the replay on YouTube:

Replay - Live at LIBSCO


Tips to help children believe in themselves

Mélanie Mervoyer, Director at L'Autre École de Boulogne had the opportunity to share her advice in Version Femina!

Femina version

Unique(s), what if the key to tomorrow's world was us?

"In our schools, we have forgotten to train citizens, which the countries of the North have done by allowing children to express their creativity to a greater extent.

Welcome to the jungle

"Innovating to develop an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age

Watch the Kairos Education Foundation Round Table with Lionel Sayag, Founder of L'Autre École

Kairos Education Foundation