L'Autre École moves to L'Épopée in Marseille for the start of the 2021 school year

The online media Gomet' dedicates an article to the project of setting up L'Autre École in Marseille with its partner Synergie Family.

L'Autre École moves to L'Épopée in Marseille for the start of the 2021 school year

L'Épopée, a third place of educational innovation in the Sainte-Marthe district of Marseille, will be the setting for the Other School from September 2021, with 30 students divided into two pilot classes - a kindergarten and a CP-CE1. Founded by Lionel Sayag in 2016, this alternative school has already proven itself in the Ile-de-France region before planning to move to the south.

Based on the uniqueness and talent of the child, L'Autre École relies on the teachings of scientific results and recognized pedagogues such as Steiner or Montessori. Its 100% bilingual pedagogy " aims to allow each child to become himself", nourished by the environment of L'Épopée "which buzzes with ideas, inclusive and educational projects and meetings with innovative actors", states the press release from Synergie Family, which runs L'Épopée.

Thus, the third place will allow the children to benefit from an "afterschool" program with the possibility of playing theater, sports or even trying out the recording studio.

"If we don't have children from St. Martha's, the project will not be successful"

Pauline de Meslon, in charge of the educational project of l'Épopée


Furthermore, Pauline de Meslon testifies to the need to anchor the Other School. A large number of the students enrolled will have to live in the 14th arrondissement of the city: "If we don't have children from Sainte-Marthe, the project won't be successful. To communicate with the families in the vicinity, l'Épopée works with associations and the media in the neighborhood, such as the online radio station RK13.

Foundations to fund school fees


To join the school, "there are no prerequisites," says Pauline de Meslon. Families first submit a written application on the website and then meet with the school's management to ensure that "they are in agreement with the approach ". Once the application has been selected, the school fees are studied by "a system of equalization". Once the application has been selected, the fees are studied by a "system of equalization", so that parents with the lowest family income will pay a lower price and vice versa.

The price of alternative schools is generally high. The director of the school, Lionel Sayag, has not yet defined it, as he is "first benchmarking the cost of Montessori schools in Marseille" in order to set a price adapted to Marseille households. The cost per pupil would be around - at a high price - 6000€ per year, or 500€ per month. Nevertheless, unlike the Ile-de-France model, L'Épopée Marseille wants to make this school more accessible to families, by discussing "with different foundations" that could finance the school fees of 30% of the children enrolled.

Rare alternative schools in Marseille


"Alternative schools can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and yet..." says Pauline de Meslon. However, it was in Marseille that Lionel Sayag first decided to relocate his school. It was a meeting between Laurent Choukroun, the co-founder of l'Épopée, and Lionel Sayag that triggered the move: "They were aligned in terms of values.


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