The Other School in Les Echos - Entrepreneurs

Les Echos takes an interest in L'Autre École and its model for continuing to grow.

Les Echos - Entrepreneurs
The Other School in Les Echos - Entrepreneurs

This year, L'Autre École inaugurated a new primary school in Courbevoie.

This new school opening is the continuation of a fast-growing project.
Within the next 10 years, L'Autre École hopes to develop 50 new schools and create a training institute for all education professionals, educators and parents.

The launch of a middle school is underway and should be completed within two years. Eventually, L'Autre École hopes to offer educational continuity up to the Terminale.

In order to support the social mix in its schools, L'Autre École is also finalising the creation of a foundation for patrons, in order to increase the number of scholarships available to offer tuition fees adapted to the income of the families.

1,000,000, development associated with peripheral projects and development beyond the primary school also represents a cost with significant funding needs.

We invite you to read the dedicated article in Les Echos - Entrepreneurs, to discover the balancing act carried out by L'Autre École to ensure its growth over time and to carry out its project which aims to revolutionise the entire educational system.

Another school is possible, to improve the well-being of children and the development of their full potential while preparing them for tomorrow's world.

"The Other School - Offering the greatest number of people the education of all possibilities...

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The Other School in Les Echos - Entrepreneurs


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