Unique(s), what if the key to tomorrow's world was us?

"In our schools, we have forgotten to train citizens, which the countries of the North have done by allowing children to express their creativity to a greater extent.

Welcome to the jungle
Unique(s), what if the key to tomorrow's world was us?

In an article on Welcome to the Jungle, Alexander Pachulski explains his vision of the quest for self.

He also unveils his new book: "Unique(s), et si la clé du monde de demain c'était nous?

It is a great privilege to be able to share this article with you.

Indeed, Alexandre Pachulski was present at the opening of L'Autre École and actively participated in the creation of this beautiful project led by Lionel Sayag:

A different, bilingual, caring and innovative school, which supports children in the development of their uniqueness and in their blossoming.

Alexandre Pachulski looks back at key concepts of tomorrow's world:
automation, the search for the "self", becoming an entrepreneur of change...

"Ikigai is learning to know what you like to do, not to forget what you know how to do and what the world needs.

We leave you the pleasure to consult the complete article by clicking on the link below:

What if we finally celebrated our uniqueness at work?


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