Learning by teaching

Coping with confinement, children must help teachers by teaching their little brothers, sisters or stuffed animals to read!

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Learning by teaching

The Cycle 2 students' teacher gave them a big challenge! Faced with confinement, the children must help the teachers by teaching their little brothers, sisters or stuffed animals to read! It was April 1st!

The classes at The Other School are multi-level, which allows the older children to help those in difficulty (the fact of explaining also allows them to consolidate their own knowledge) and the younger children to learn by imitation. This challenge makes it possible to reproduce this pattern at home: the students reinvest their learning by teaching others and thus retain information better.

According to scientists, this method is the most effective way to retain information learned in school.

This is confirmed by numerous neuroscience studies on information retention.


The Other School finally arrives in Marseille

Le Bonbon Marseille announces the opening of our school in the Sainte Marthe district, an inclusive project to offer everyone the education of all possibilities.

Le Bonbon Marseille

L'Autre École moves to L'Épopée in Marseille for the start of the 2021 school year

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