Another school is possible

L'Autre École is a network of private nursery and elementary schools, from 2 to 11 years old, which aims to promote a new form of education and transmission.

Another School is Possible
Our pedagogy

Enabling every child to become who they truly are

Giving our students the chance to reach their full potential. To be adaptable, creative, and self-confident to enter tomorrow's world with ease and happiness. Freedom, autonomy, commitment, kindness: everything necessary for a student to blossom.

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Beyond elementary school

Our Expertise

A teaching team focused on your child

Our unique pedagogy is based on the results of great pedagogues (Freinet, Steiner, Montessori, Decroly, Malaguzzi...) as well as on the extent of current scientific knowledge (K. Robinson, E. Snel, S. Dehaene, H. Gardner, J.F. Michel).

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Parents involved in

An active
and collaborative model

After 2 years in a Montessori school, we wanted Eva to continue to evolve in a model of active and collaborative education. With L'Autre École, not only does she continue to progress, but more importantly, she becomes a better person every day''.

Eva's mother

Develop your creativity

Since our return from the US, L'Autre École has been helping every day my children to grow in a bilingual environment. They have self-confidence, develop their creativity and social-emotional skills while progressing joyfully in the core subjects.

Maxence and Diane's Dad

Listening to all singularities

''My daughter Pauline has been identified as an Intellectually Gifted Child. L'Autre École offered her an adapted and stimulating accompaniment, listening to her singularities. We are reassured to see her evolve in a benevolent environment that allows her to progress serenely''.

Pauline's mother

What if...
we prepared
at last our children
the world
of tomorrow?